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REVIEW: Milčo Mančevski’s MOTHERS (МАЈКИ)

With Honest Manipulation to the Desired Real Illusion

Unlike the previous instances, when the time period between shooting and premiere for the films Before the Rain (1994), Dust (2001) and Shadows (2007) was more than enough to cast a critical eye on the (dis)pleasure with the product, this time the director Milčo Mančevski relatively quickly got down to business and entered the filmmaking ring, giving us his fourth feature-length creation shortly afterwards. This project was initiated under the working title of Како бебе (Like a Baby) and ended up entitled Mothers, thereby going full circle on the clear authorial concept in which, even though the stories he tells contain numerous layers, still, the brief, clear and impressive title gives the main thread and framework in the films themselves.

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